About Us


Over the past 25 years Sting Roadshow London has travelled up and down the country and played in near enough every venue in the U.K. This gives our Dj’s a clear advantage over other Roadshows when it comes to judging what sort of set up will be suitable for the venue booked.


Our Music Policy is to play what the client requests. We have built a respectable reputation on this and will continue to do so. We are open to all genres of music and will play music from all parts of the world. Our music library consists of genres ranging from: BHANGRA, BOLLYWOOD, R&B, HIP-HOP, ROCK, HOUSE, GARAGE, SOUL, JAZZ, SOCA, D&B, POP, CLASSICAL, CHART, ARABIC, DANCE and pretty much anything else you can think of.


Over the years our Djs have played in many of the country’s top Clubs and celebrity hot spots. They have quickly become common names within the music industry and continue to dominate the UK Asian club circuit. Besides clubs, Sting London specialise in Dinner and dances, corporate events, international shows, Fashion Shows, School & College leavers, and private parties, no matter how big or extravagant they may be.

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Our client base consists of customers such as: Waitrose , The Carphone Warehouse, Subways , Dixons ,DHL , UPS , British Airways, Sony , Houses of Parliament , Bon Marche , Euro Car Parts, Barclays Bank and HM Customs and Excise to name but a few.


Our Road teams consist of a maximum of 3 people each. 1 highly trained Disc Jockey who will concentrate purely on playing music that you and your guests want. We at Sting are strong believers in ‘playing for the people’. Our Dj’s do not use Pre-mixed cd’s or software, all Dj’s will mix live, enabling them to have any song ready to be played as soon as you make a request.


Alongside the Dj will be an M.C. The M.C’s are trained to play a crucial part towards the success of the party. There job is to connect with the guests and to bring them all together. The M.C will use a variety of methods to keep guests entertained throughout the evening, they will play a number of party games and use ice breakers with the guests to keep them in that all important party spirit throughout the show. Our M.C’s at Sting London are Polite, well spoken and will make all announcements in both English and Punjabi.


The 3rd member of the road team plays a very important part to the show. He has been trained to take on a number of roles throughout your event. He will control all visuals throughout the event, be it a spot light locked on the Bride and Groom as they make their grand entrance, making sure the confetti canon is ready to be let off during the First dance or simply ensuring that the camera man is linked up to the screens so everybody in the venue gets to see the all important cake cutting, first dance or speeches. He will also assist with the light show provided and make sure the lights are in sync with the music while the Dj is mixing. As well as being in control of all visual and Effects he will take it upon himself to liaise with the venue management and be the 1st point of contact for the Caterers, Wedding Planners and Guests, leaving the M.C and D.J to concentrate on making sure that people on the other side of their table are having a good time.


With the combination of all 3 members of the road team, we guarantee that you will have a hassle free, relaxed and enjoyable Show.


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